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We have an offer for the month of March 2019 where all standing castrates for horses, ponies and donkeys under 3 years of age are £140! Click on the title 'Castrate Offer' for full Terms and Conditions.

Vaccine Amnesty

Following the recent cases of Equine Influenza in the Essex area, we have a vaccine amnesty offer in conjunction with Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health. We are offering a vaccination amnesty to ALL horses over 12 months of age, who have either never been vaccinated or whose vaccinations have become overdue. This means if you have your 1st vaccine during the month of February 2019, your second dose of vaccine is FREE when given as part of a primary course. Your 3rd vaccine will be charged at normal price.

Please note, we will still offer free travel to local areas on Tuesdays and Thursdays when booking your 1st and 3rd vaccine. When booking your 2nd vaccine, you will be charged a travel fee even if you are in our local area – apologies for this. If there are multiple horses requiring vaccines/treatment on the same yard at the time of visit, then we will split the travel fee over number of owners.

Free ACTH Blood Tests

We have our FREE ACTH BLOOD TESTS available again until the END OF 2019 for any first time/undiagnosed patients! This is a huge saving of £56!

PPID is a hormonal disease caused by changes in the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain. It is normally regulated by a substance called dopamine and produces a variety of hormones. These hormones are distributed around the horse’s body via the bloodstream and play an important role in maintaining and controlling a variety of bodily functions.

Horses and ponies with PPID don’t produce enough dopamine, and this means that the pituitary gland is unregulated, and produces too many hormones. One of these hormones is called ACTH, but it is likely that there are many others.

The clinical signs of PPID are likely to be associated with these elevated hormone levels, but the exact link between the elevated hormones and the signs of the disease is still unknown.

We are very excited to release our x-ray packages when vetting a new potential horse or pony, for both 2 and 5 stage Vettings. When you have possibly found a new horse or pony to buy, it is recommended that a pre-purchase examination is to be performed in order to not only identify any existing health problems but also identify any potential health risks. With our x-ray packages you can look for any common causes of lameness/injury and identify them before making your purchase. Views can be added to incorporate spine, neck and any other areas you may have some concern, therefore giving you some piece of mind when purchasing.

50% Off Travel Fees

Every Monday and Wednesday, your travel fees will be 50% off if you are in zones 3-6. We still offer our Free Travel Days in local areas for routine procedures!

Our free travel zone visit scheme allows you to book a routine appointment with no visit fee. By planning ahead you can save money on routine treatments such as vaccinations and dentals. 

5% Discount

Pay for your visit in full the same day as your appointment and receive a 5% discount. 

Choosing the right wormer for your horse can be very confusing as there are many different parasites and many different worming treatments available on the market.

The importance of implementing an appropriate worming programme for your horse should not be underestimated. Parasitic worms can adversely affect the health and wellbeing of horses and ponies of all ages. These internal parasites can do irreversible damage to the gut and other organs and be responsible for poor body condition, colic and in serious cases, fatalities.

At Galley Hill, our worm plan package aims to take the stress out of ensuring your horse receives the correct treatment.

Vaccination and Dental Combo Offer

Our Combo offer is only £65, with a saving of £25 when both procedures are carried out at the same appointment.

Buy one of our Galley Hill Equine Surgery own brand supplements and get the other one half price! 

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