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All horses and donkeys in the UK must, by law, have a passport and a microchip.  At Galley Hill we can passport and microchip your animal on site or at the clinic.  Your horse's passport should accompany him or her whilst travelling, if you are stopped by trading standards travelling a horse without a passport they can impound your horse and fine you up to £5000.  Spot checks may also by performed at competitions and yard inspections.  Equines should be passported either by the time they are six months old or before the 31st December of the year they were born, whichever time occurs later.


We use the Passport Agency for our equine passports, however, if you have a different organisation or society you wish to register your horse with please let us know so we can ensure we have all the necessary details.  Different agencies may have different requirements, for example, racing thoroughbreds need specific microchips and a blood test taken for DNA testing.


Passports are used to record all vaccinations your horse is given, please ensure your passport is available at the time of vaccination so we can ensure the correct vaccinations are being given and keep your record upto date.


Passports are also important in preventing medications entering the food chain.  We recommend that you sign the passport declaration that your horse IS NOT intended for human consumption. When we treat your horse we can then use all medical options that are available, and there is no need for them to be recorded in the passport which reduces the paperwork required.


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