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Equine Influenza Outbreak

February 08, 2019

Following the recent outbreak of 3 more cases on the 6th February, Animal Health Trust and the vets at Galley Hill Equine Surgery are urging all horse owners to remain extremely vigilant and be aware of clinical signs. This symptoms include:
- Inappetence
- Swollen glands under the jaw
- Nasal discharge (can be clear in colour too)
- Dry, harsh cough
- Fever (38.5+)

Symptoms can be very mild especially in vaccinated horses so please stay vigilant as equine flu is highly contagious! There is FREE testing for Equine Influenza at the moment which includes paired blood samples and a nasal swab so please contact the surgery if you are suspicious of this disease.

Our Veterinary Surgeons are advising for owners to check their horse's vaccine status and if any horses have not been vaccinated within the last 6 months to have a booster as soon as possible in order to maximise their chance of having protective immunity. We also advise owners that compete a lot or own horses that are immuno-compromised (young, old, pregnant or have Cushings) to be re-vaccinated if they have not been vaccinated in the last 6 months.

The vaccines we use at Galley Hill are 'Proteq,' which are in accordance with OIE guidelines and are recommended against the current circulating strains of Flu.

Discontinuation of EquiTape

July 29, 2018

From October 2018 the commonly used wormer Equitape, used to treat tapeworm, will be discontinued from sale in the UK. Going forward, it will only be availble in 'combination wormers' containing either ivermectin or moxidectin used to treat small and large redworm. This basically means when you worm for tapeworm, you will need to dose with a wormer that will treat other worms. Therefore, regular testing and evidence-based worming e.g. worm egg counts, are vital when determining whether to worm or not to worm to keep drug exposure to a minimum. For any more information, please read the article in the link below!

PetPlan Veterinary Awards 2018 Nominations!

September 24, 2017

At Galley Hill, we strive to provide the best care to your equine family. In order achieve this, every member of staff from receptionists and support staff to vets and nurses must work as a team. At PetPlan, they believe these awards provide an opportunity for pet owners to recognise the hard work and dedication of veterinary staff and say 'thank you'. If you feel one of our Galley Hill members of staff has gone above and beyond for you and your horse/pony then please click on the link and vote for them!

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