Charlotte Van Hoof

Veterinary Surgeon

MVetMed, PGDip VCP

My name is Charlotte Van Hoof and I graduated July 2019 at the University of Ghent. During my 6 years of studying I did numerous externships in equine hospitals in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and in Kentucky in the United States. After 6 years of studying I directly started working as an intern in the equine hospital in the Royal Veterinary College for a year.

I love working with horses and their owners while using the skills and knowledge I gained the past 7 years.  Now I work in Galley Hill Equine Surgery it`s possible and I can`t wait to meet the clients.

In my free time I like to ride horses, go for a run and walk the dogs. I`m a certified horse riding instructor specialized in dressage so if you have any questions…


Can`t wait to meet you all!