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Lipogems Therapy

We are now happy to provide a very new and innovative form of regenerative treatment known as Lipogems Therapy here at Galley Hill Equine Surgery. It involves harvesting adipose tissue (fatty tissue) from the hind quarters (under sedation of course) where the collected material is then prepared using specialist Lipogems equipment. Once the Lipogem material is ready, the sample is then injected back into the specific areas of the horse that require treatment. 
Injuries and conditions that can be treated include:
- Tendon injuries
- Desmitis (inflammation of a ligament, even if the injury is chronic)
- Soft tissue injuries
- Synovitis (inflammation of the synovial membrane)
- Osteoarthritis in joints
- Deep lacerations
- Septicaemia

Essentially this form of treatment is a much faster and more cost-efficient technique for harvesting stem cells as the process can be done in under 30 minutes, as all the equipment is easy to transport and requires no external laboratory support. This treatment is suitable for horses and ponies of all backgrounds, from eventers to happy hackers!