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24 Hour Emergency Services


24 hours emergency service

We are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and your call will always be answered by a member of our team.


If you have an emergency during our office hours (8am-5pm Monday-Friday) call our main line 01992 762 185 and our office staff will take your details and alert a vet.


If you have an emergency outside office hours, weekends or bank holidays please follow these instructions:


Call 01992 762 185- this will take you directly to a member of our team.


We will need:


Your full name

Contact number

Your horse’s details

Brief details about your emergency

The address where your horse is stabled


To help us help you, please stay close to your phone, in an area with good signal.

Please note, if you are not registered with us and you require a vet to attend an emergency, we reserve the right to ask for upto £250 up front.

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